Amazing mazes!  You can find, create, and share your favorite Robot Turtles game boards here.

Create your own: Stephane Gay, one of Robot Turtles’ incredible backers, came to me with a terrific idea to build a tool that lets you design mazes.  The results are this incredible free tool where you can drag-and-drop game pieces, save the results, and share them as images or with short URLs.  It works great on most phones, too!

Share your favorites: This thread on the Robot Turtles Community site will let you share the mazes you create on the maze builder, along with any stories you have from playing them through.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Recommended starting mazes: I’ve put together some mazes to get you going, and will continue to update this with more advanced mazes, along with some of my favorites from the community page.

Four players (plus one grownup – five total), first game
3 players, first game
2 players, first game
1 player, first game
After unlocking ice walls

After unlocking lasers
Another after unlocking lasers

After unlocking stone walls